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Automate processes and eliminate paper with OnBase.

Video Transcript

Wisconsin Physicians Service: Prioritizing Work

What we noticed right away in our process was that we didn't have the necessary controls in place to ensure that we were meeting the timeliness standards of our work. Our staff at times had 600 applications in their possession; they simply had no idea what was the most important thing to work on. What we did with OnBase is put the controls that we needed to in place, so now the staff doesn’t have to make those decisions anymore. The system feeds them the next most important piece of work to do, and they work on one piece of work at a time.

It makes for a much more focused effort throughout the day. They understand what they need to be working on and there's just no confusion anymore on what the next most important thing is. It took away a lot of the risk that was involved in not meeting those timeliness standards, and it really helped the management oversight of ensuring that we were working on the most critical piece of work at each moment.

A 50 Percent Jump in Productivity

When we began the OnBase implementation and went in and discussed requirements of what we need to do, we kept that group very small. We decided that we needed to really revamp their process completely. We implemented OnBase in 17 weeks, and since the implementation of OnBase, we are about 50 percent more productive per full-time employee than we were in the past. And with that, we've reduced all the scheduled over time, even voluntary overtime, which has allowed us to get much closer to budgeted levels.

We are now processing applications in an average of 17 days, which is remarkable considering we were at 62 in the past. We've been able to do that through integrations with other systems, automation, the use of optical character recognition through the OCR process. And it has, again, put those controls in place to ensure that the staff is working on the most urgent work, which has allowed us to meet those timeliness standards consistently every month since we've implemented OnBase.

The fact that we met timeliness standards the very first month we rolled this out, with such a complete change in the process, is almost amazing.