Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance

Learn how WPS shaved 45 days from Medicare claims processing time.

Video Transcription

Sheila Bechmann, vice president of Operations & Technology, Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance:

We had a ton of paper. We had paper in every storeroom, every nook and cranny. We knew our process was broken, so in addition to being able to set priorities, we felt there had to be a better way, a more efficient way, to handle what we were doing.

So we went back and really looked at every step of the process and said, "Why are we doing this? Are we required to do this? And if we're not required to, is it in our best interest to not do it?"

We also worked with the team, and they said, ‘Well, maybe you should think about doing it this way or a different way.’ And most of the time we did implement those changes.

They would also ask us what our pain points were, and then they would help us solve those pain points. They knew what the tools were within the OnBase system.

They would give us potential solutions. Sometimes we'd modify them slightly, to better fit our workflow or to keep the pieces that we need to, for contractual requirements. But, most of the time, we would implement their recommendations.

By piecing it out, we were able to put in metrics along the way to make sure we would meet our requirements.

Using automation to create efficiencies and improve processes

We also found that, as we broke up the pieces, we could actually automate some of those pieces. Out of three major pieces we’ve broken up, two of the three are now automated.

We saw dramatic improvement in our contractual requirements. And we found significant efficiencies with the automation we put in, with the ability for people to better prioritize work and train more quickly.

We rolled it out to the rest of our division. We hope to go live in the fourth quarter with an additional 800 users. We're really looking forward to that. And eliminating all of the paper within the entire division.