Interstate: Certification and Auditing

Interstate Companies uses OnBase to easily meet ISO certifications and manage audit processes.

Video Transcript

Easily Meet ISO Certification and Audit Processes

We're using OnBase for process managing in regards to our ISO documentation. This helps us to do revisions on our documentation. We have to recertify every few years, so we need to make sure that we have all of our documentation, our processes are complete and approved through all the management levels, so we use OnBase to kind of help us keep track of that.

Before it was a very paper-intensive process where we printed out the word document; somebody marked it up; they would send it on to the manager who would sit on it for a couple days before they would sign off on it. It was just a very long, drawn-out process before it finally got approved.

Getting Approval in Days, not Weeks

So now with OnBase we just pull up the revision, we mark it up however we want, and now we can send it on to the next manager, have him approve it, and get it through the chain of command a lot faster.

OnBase allows us to track each version so that we can see when the last time that changes were made. We're able to add comments to say: “hey, you know, we changed this section. Here's what we added or removed from that version.”

OnBase allows us to pull up previous versions of the document so that if we do get audited, we could say: “here's what the process used to be. Here's the new process that was approved and here's how we're doing this now.”

The ROI in regards to our ISO documentation, again, is time savings for us. I mean we were able to take the process down from weeks to just days. I mean, within three to five days we're going to have that ISO documentation certified or approved through all levels.