Interstate: Streamlining Requirements

Interstate Companies streamlines warranty management processes with OnBase for faster resolution and happier customers.

Video Transcript

Streamlining Warranty Requirements

We replaced our original document management system because to us it was really just an electronic file cabinet. We couldn't do any workflow related to it. We didn't have the ability to extend it out to our users. It was very tedious and cumbersome to try to make changes to it, so we decided to look for a solution that was more user friendly, easier to configure, that type of thing.

Tailoring OnBase for More Business Value

When we implemented OnBase, we started in a couple departments for our warranty and our ISO documentation and after that was implemented, we moved on and began using F Enabler in our AP department. We use it a little bit differently where, we scan the document into OnBase; we have the image up on one screen and we have our business system up on the other screen.

What our AP clerks do is they actually look at the invoice on one screen and they key it into our business system and they use F Enabler to actually scrape the values out of our business system and place it on the document as keywords.

By having our users key into the business system, we thought it was important for them to stay working in the environment they were familiar with. They're already using our business system for other things, so we wanted them to do and keep doing their work in the business system and then just scrape the values out so that it was in OnBase.

A Streamlined Process for Warranties

We manage our warranty claims through OnBase. That was one of the primary reasons we switched to OnBase because we wanted to be able to have a workflow solution built into the ECM that we were using. Our manufacturers require us to submit our claims within that many days and so we needed a way to streamline the process of getting the information back from our branch locations to our corporate shared services team. So that they could process it and submit the claim to our manufacturers within the given time frame.

Well for OnBase, our warranty claims system was also very paper-driven, so we would take a piece of paper, mark it up, scan it in, and email it to the user in a branch location that was remote. They would get the paper, go research the problem, and then do the same thing. They would mark it up, scan it back, and email it back to our corporate warranty department so that they could submit the claim.

The turnaround time is important for us because our manufacturers provide us with so many days that we can submit the claims to them, so we need to get the information. If we have questions to our branches, they can answer them and get back to us, so we could submit the team claim on a timely basis. And so, with OnBase, we were able to get that time frame for just one branch location alone down from 17 days to nine days – just to streamline that and make it faster.