Pioneers of cloud-based enterprise content management

When it comes to enterprise content management in the cloud, experience matters. Hear from members of Hyland's OnBase Cloud team and discover why more than 600 customers have chosen to store, retrieve and access more than 2 billion documents in the OnBase Cloud.

Video Transcription:

Hyland pioneered cloud-based enterprise content management over ten years ago, well before any other providers were venturing into the space. In that time, we have cultivated over 600 customers who are placing their trust in our cloud every day to store what amounts to currently more than 2 billion documents. That trust is absolutely hard-earned and is not something we have our plan on taking for granted.

When many people think about content management in the cloud, they start thinking about storing and accessing your documents. That is certainly part of enterprise content management but it's just a small part think about the ability to:

  • capture millions of documents
  • drive those through your business processes with tools like workflow
  • work in conjunction by integrating with your other applications
  • manage the long-term retention of your documents

That is what true enterprise content management is all about and that is the OnBase cloud.

One of the great things about the OnBase cloud is our staff. They're passionate and dedicated to our customers. When our customers call in, they talk to the same people that they've known for years. They trust us because they know that when they call we know what data centers they are located in and we know what servers their solution is on. We've built those relationships over time, so that we can understand their needs and they know that they're in good hands.

Over the past 15 years or so, Hyland has invested millions of dollars in developing cutting-edge software, creating a global cloud infrastructure, and building a skilled and passionate team. All of this combined makes the OnBase cloud a perfect fit for any organization looking to manage their content in the cloud with confidence.