How OnBase Fits Into Your IT Strategy and Provides Better Business Process Visibility


Your organization has several core insurance applications that are essential to your daily business operations:

  • Applications that manage key data about your business processes;
  • that handle customer data;
  • that manage information to support your employees;
  • And niche applications that manage discrete processes within specific departments

While each managing specific, unique processes, these systems have one thing in common:

They do not store ALL the information and content required to make decisions.

Where is everything else your employees need to get their jobs done? Each disconnected information silo that you have to manage adds a risk of security vulnerabilities, results in duplication of information, leads to discrepancies in your data, and makes audits and discoverability a challenge.

How can you get the most out of your core insurance applications while reducing information silos?


OnBase manages the content, cases and processes that your core systems can't by centralizing the information needed to support your core insurance applications in a single, secure location. While capturing documents, OnBase extracts the required data, processes this content according to your business rules and updates your core systems.

With OnBase, your employees have a complete view of information, regardless of where they are working, whether they are in OnBase, in another core application, or on a mobile device. For those outside your organization, OnBase also extends secure access to documents and forms to improve the overall customer experience.

By making OnBase part of your enterprise IT strategy, you gain a single platform to manage content, processes and cases across your enterprise, while connecting with your core business applications – ultimately improving the agility of your people, your departments, and your entire organization.