Farmers Mutual Group shares its vision of OnBase

Geoff Yeats, GM/CIO, Farmers Mutual Group, discusses how the OnBase enterprise information platform works as the heart of their organization, connecting and carrying content and information to all its vital systems.


Video Transcription:

We have a service vision for our clients and that's based upon being agile and flexible and that requires our systems having similar attributes. How they should pass information between one another without worrying about the technology at either end. From finance to policy systems, it really shouldn't matter, our goal being easy access to information for our employees and customers. As long as we can present information from any place without forcing multiple systems to manage their content.


Our business vision and the platform that would realize it would become our system's lifeblood. I say that with intent because that platform, whatever it would be, wouldn't act as the skeleton it wouldn't necessarily be the bones, it would be more like the cardiovascular system, the virtual heart of any solution, the veins connecting the heart to everything else on the body. And how, like the cardiovascular system, carries oxygen-rich blood to all our vital organs, our solution as shared services solution would carry information to all of our vital systems.


When we discovered Hyland's OnBase enterprise information platform, we believed it would enable us to realize our vision and allow us to expand our vision as well. OnBase not only manages content, it creates context around that information. Because of this, we can use OnBase in a considered manner to simplify systems and build new solutions. It has become the heart of our enterprise. We put it at the center of everything. When we consider a design solution it's all about leveraging how OnBase can help us.


Sometimes, we use it for traditional transactional enterprise content management and sometimes it simply acts as a link between systems, which I think is quite major. Now we're all empowered to expand our original vision to look towards the future - a digital future, a mobile future. We know to expand our vision, we must make accessing information even easier for both our employees and our clients. For example, that might mean building a mobile app that adapts to what its users need it to be. We have to be ready to say here’s your FMG app, you can fill out a claim, pay your bill and connect with FMG, and it will give you the weather if you want to.


OnBase provides the key information that our business requires to succeed. That's our vision of how we will use the more contextual flexible aspects of OnBase. That's how OnBase helps FMG realize our potential.