OnBase Overview

OnBase helps you reach new levels of service by providing the right information to people when they need it.

Video Transcription:

A word that that I've often heard used to describe OnBase is “magic.” It provides the right information to the people that need it, when they need it.

OnBase helps you reach new levels of service

They built OnBase for our specific needs. The physician would fax us an order and instead of us getting back to that patient in three or four days, we were getting we're reaching that patient within 30 to 40 minutes.

Our numbers were always on the 98th percentile of turnaround time which was amazing because we were able to do so much more and helped so many more people in one day just by using OnBase.

OnBase increases visibility

By providing those employees with a complete record or complete view of these cases, we're really empowering their decision-making, allowing them to use this information to affect outcomes, come to resolutions more quickly, and make more informed decisions.

A few of the most amazing things that have happened since using OnBase is the organizational piece. There are no lost orders and how every user can see the orders, access them quickly and there's a trail of everybody that it's touched these orders, so there's no guessing.

OnBase Minimizes Risk

It has been providing, not only efficiency, but also standardization to those processes to ensure that each and every time content is coming into the organization, whether it be from the outside or, in the case of pharmacy, internally, they were processing it in the same way. In compliance with the organizations, not only you know their business rules but also any compliance rules that may be specific to them.

The OnBase promise

It is built on a foundation of respect and relentless commitment by Hyland to do right by our customers. We will go out of our way and go through extensive measures to make a customer successful. That is our mission. That is why we exist as a company.