Driving ROI by connecting content and process

Process automation and the elimination of paper present key opportunities for organizations to realize value. 

Video Transcription

Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

So when it comes to BPM, I think there’s also some advantages to having a good integration strategy here. That connection between content and process has been one of the persistent value propositions in ECM overall.

This isn’t changing at all. In fact, in terms of being the number one area of measurable return on investment, or ROI, for companies adopting ECM process automation has been and will continue to be the number one area. So clear, tangible business benefits; whether it’s for topline growth metrics, bottom line cost savings, or efficiencies. In this area:

  1. Process improvement
  2. Elimination of paper
  3. Manual activities 

These are the areas where ROI comes in number one. There’s still a ton of opportunity here. Again, our ECM survey last year, we saw that approximately 60% of ECM clients we surveyed still have 25%, or more, of their key processes that are paper based. So this era of the paperless office still has not arrived at firms.