The True Depth of OnBase Capture

A true capture solution should do more than just lift data from your organization's documents. Learn how OnBase capture goes above and beyond to ensure all of your information is complete and accurate.

Video Transcription

Nick McCarty, Solution Architect, OnBase Capture

There's a lot to consider when looking at a capture solution and often people focus a little bit narrowly on what they are thinking about when they're considering capture as a process. Often times what people focus on mostly is the data lift and that certainly is one of the most important pieces. The ability to take that information and automatically read all the data off of a document and have it as keywords within OnBase is an important process. The amount of time spent every day taking that information and putting it in the system is significant and to be able to eliminate that is a huge benefit in its own right, but there really is a lot more to capture than just data.

Being able to take that information and validate business rules and those capture rules make sure that all the information is complete and accurate before we move it on downstream. The earlier we're able to catch those issues, again if their capture related or business-related, the less expensive they are to handle, so generally, the less people have to be involved in handling those issues and the less time that's involved in resolving.