One platform for content, process and case management

The needs of your organization and industry are constantly changing. Discover how OnBase enables organizations to quickly create lightweight business applications to meet their needs and timelines.

Video Transcription

Ken Burns, Analyst/Influencer Relations Manager, Hyland

The OnBase product is really a platform for content, process, and case management. The thing that makes it different from many products in the industry is that all of these components are developed and share a common database or common metadata repository. That makes it very powerful in terms of being able to deploy specific solutions attacking a very specific problem area within an organization. And then, gradually increasing the capabilities or expanding capabilities as needs dictate over time.

Hyland with the OnBase platform has been delivering case management applications for more than 10 years and we've got well over 300 customers using these applications for a variety of different use case scenarios. Sometimes it's insurance claims case handling. You've got people using capabilities for project management, for customer onboarding, to manage Sarbanes-Oxley applications.

Many organizations I've talked to, especially those people responsible for deploying OnBase capabilities, have found that the case management functionality that OnBase provides has been a game-changer for them. The capabilities that we're providing now allow them to quickly create lightweight business applications in, sometimes, a matter of weeks.