Integrations: Connecting Content and Data

The data stored in your business applications only tells half the story. Hear how OnBase integrates with your business applications to connect data with the content and information that gives your organization the complete picture of your processes in one place

Video Transcription

Carolyn Kane, OnBase Product Evangelist, Hyland

Every organization has business applications that drive their day-to-day processes and those business applications are really good at managing the data around those processes. That data doesn't exist in a vacuum. That's only half the story. There's always content that goes along with that data and managing that content can be a really big challenge. But that's where OnBase comes in.

Boost Data Efficiency and Accuracy

It doesn't matter if that content arrives in the mail room or if it's buried on a network share if users can't access things like forms, invoices, and other content, that can really impact their decisions. So if that business application is managing the data and OnBase is managing the content then we can really ease the access to that information for all of the users. And we can also boost efficiency and accuracy at the same time.

Integrate with Your Existing Business Systems

OnBase can integrate with any system on the market. We have a huge tool box that's been honed by years of experience of integrating with these systems. Not only can we bring the content to the users of those systems, so they can fill out forms, view scanned documents, even make decisions that can further that process, but we can also exchange data by connecting those systems behind the scenes.