OnBase Integrations Extend Your IT Investments

Communication between applications can drive faster business processes. Discover how OnBase is built to ensure it can integrate with and connect all of your business application to simplify processes and drive communication.

Video Transcription

Robert Krause, Senior Manager, Solution Architects, Hyland

OnBase is built for integrations. Whether your ERP is SAP, Lawson, PeopleSoft, Oracle e-business suite, even homegrown systems, we have an integration for you. And that's really what OnBase is built for, the ability to extend the investment that you've made in that ERP system without having to have the cost of custom code, that's at the core of our integrations.

A great example is within higher education with transcript capture, the ability to capture that transcript, pull the relevant data off of that transcript, and verify. We can send that information over to the student information system really to aid in that comparison of the course and the equivalency, capture any exceptions, route those exceptions to the appropriate faculty member, so that they can help complete the process. The great thing about this integration is the fact that it reduces manual data entry by over ninety-percent. Talk about a great investment.