WESTMED Medical Group

Innovation is critical for continued improvement in patient care. Discover how OnBase has enabled WESTMED Medical Group to push the boundaries of technology in clinical practice to put patients at the center of its “Paradigm of Care.”

Video Transcription

Simeon A. Schwartz, M.D., Chairman & CEO, WESTMED Medical Group

WESTMED is an innovative company. We are trying to push the boundaries of technology with clinical practice to really improve the care of the patient and put the patient in the center of our “Paradigm of Care.”

WESTMED faced a challenge with credentialing. The first step in automating our credentialing processes was to become delegated NCQA, National Committee of Quality Assurance, so our physicians would not have to go through separate credentialing processes for every insurance company. But that put the burden on us to improve how we did our process and to make sure we did every step that was required for comprehensive credentialing of our physicians.

We recognized, working with Hyland, we had an opportunity to build an application that not only would track and make sure that all of the workflows were done correctly for credentialing, but had the added benefit that we had achieved the efficiency and timeliness that was necessary. We expect to have considerable financial savings from our new credentialing solution with Hyland.