Columbia College

To do a job the right way, you need the right tool. Learn why the flexibility of OnBase makes it the first tool Columbia College turns to whenever a new need appears.

Video Transcription

Kevin Palmer, CIO, Columbia College

As we look at any business process, one of the things we do is look at the toolset we're going to have to use to automate that process. We go to OnBase for that first and foremost toolset selection, There's virtually nothing else that we could look at that's going to provide all the capability that OnBase provides right out of the box.

What Hyland Software and, specifically with the OnBase solution, brought to us was a BizTalk Server. The BizTalk Server is our enterprise bus to move data in and out of various different systems. What we found out is that we could move our ERP system out of the center, relieve it from that processing, put the BizTalk Server into the center of all that activity and allow that to take the overhead process. We have found it by far a very flexible system that works well for us.

On Time, On Schedule & On Budget Solutions

We interact with a lot of companies throughout the technology industry. Many of the companies will over-promise and under-deliver. With Hyland, specifically the OnBase project managers and technology staff, we get exactly what they promised. They come in on time, on schedule, on budget, and we get a comprehensive solution that meets all of our needs. It's a rarity that we have any issue or problem. That has truly left us with a strong architecture to handle the change in higher education.