Adam Johnson, OnBase Senior Engineer, Discovery Benefits, Inc.

As industry requirements change, businesses must change with them. Learn how Discovery Benefits uses OnBase to keep up with the needs of its customers and ever-evolving industry regulations.

Video Transcript

Discovery Benefits: Evolving with the Organization

We use app enabler from OnBase to retrieve from hotspots and to screen information related to the participants or the employer, and we get those documents to our phone users right away. That helps us get the information of the customers quicker, turnaround their phone calls faster, and allows us to service more customers in a day.

At the end of the day, it’s kind of what we're looking for our customers’ experience. We do make a lot of changes quite frequently throughout the year to address industry changes, regulatory requirements or just from customer feedback or internal customers. Having that control in OnBase allows us to change rapidly and gives us an advantage in the industry.

The recent installation we've done is to help consolidate the information for our Cobra carrier reconciliations that run monthly. We're able to cut about 200 hours of the monthly process off for that one department, and that's a huge gain. I like that I get to, as an OnBase administrator, help my coworkers, and I get to make their jobs better. I mean, that's kind of what you do. Our point is to try to make things better for our company. That's the role we get to fill, so it's a little more fun to come to work.