Dean Johnson, Discovery Benefits

Discovery Benefits processes claims quickly and accurately as business expands. OnBase makes it possible to take on bigger customers by streamlining operations for efficiency during growth.

Video Transcript

Discovery Benefits: A Central Repository for All Data

OnBase is the main processing app for claims. We do everything for claims relation inside of OnBase. We tie to two of our core systems -- a corporate system and our main system -- for benefits processing, for the backend information such as employee name, social security number, stuff like that. But OnBase is where all of the adjudications of the claims happen.

One of the biggest problems that they had in the beginning was: Where was the data, who had the data, how do we gather the data. They've taken it now to where OnBase is the central repository for almost all of our data. We use Crystal Reports, OnBase reporting, OnBase report services, and tie all that together for a nice smooth board reporter at dash report to make. It takes about a five days process before, down to a single day process for creating reports.