First National Bank

Pam Grazier, document management officer, details the bank’s use of workflow in AP and retail to help it achieve its business goals

By creating one, central location for all of First National Bank’s information, OnBase was able to drive quicker – and clearer – communication between staff and customers.

“Our organization was driven to start reducing paper and automate processes,” says Pam Grazier, document management officer at First National Bank, Waverly, Iowa. First National Bank is a locally owned community bank. “We determined the best way to do that was with workflow, starting in Account Processing (AP) and Retail Banking.”

Better communication between departments

In Account Processing, First Bank took all the documents – signature cards, CDs - received from its branch network, scanned and indexed those documents in OnBase, and then delivered those electronically to the department. The bank also wanted to investigate how other departments were communicating with the department.

“They were doing that through via email, phone calls, paper,” says Grazier. First Bank decided to use e-Forms to streamline communication between those departments and AP, greatly reducing the chance that information would be lost or forgotten. “We used some of those forms to advance our workflow to communicate address changes and so forth, making sure our images are getting updated with that information and communicating that information to other departments.”

Enhancing loan processing with OnBase

Retail uses workflow from the very beginning of the loan process.

“We have an e-Form that starts the process, communicating the loan to our loan processing area,” says Grazier. “That creates the documents and send them back to the lender. When the lender is done with closing, it’s routed back to loan processing. They put the loan in the system, finalize any exceptions, and follow-up with the lender on any pending items.”

Increased employee morale

Since implementation, Grazier notes employees have embraced OnBase, excited that they no longer have to file paper, can quickly retrieve information, use e-Forms to communicate and immediately begin processes.

Watch the video above to learn more about how First National Bank uses OnBase.