Big Data, Mobile Solutions and More: Trends in Healthcare IT

Tim Steffl, chief operating officer of the American Hospital Association, shares his thoughts on healthcare trends to expect over the next five years.

Video Transcript

On Enterprise Content Management

There's no way that a hospital can [function] without the ability to gather the big data and crunch the data and allow the data to flow to the appropriate parts of the healthcare continuum, such as the outpatient surgery centers, the elderly care systems, etc.

They have to be able to have that data, analyze the data, and make sure that they know what the patient needs on a day-to-day basis to change the care pass and the payment pass for healthcare today.

On Consolidation of the Hospital Communit

I mean acquisitions are happening right, left, and are going to continue, as I said. It’s going to increase quite rapidly over the next year, next two, three years, and even five years. And you're going to see more acquisition of physician groups.

I mean if you acquire one hospital, you might acquire 150, 200, 300 beds. You can acquire 200, 300 physicians and a bunch of different areas around their community. So how do you not only have your systems internally but how do you make them mobile? That’s a huge part of what we're doing right now, and we see over 50% of the patients want to get their information electronically from their physician, from their hospital.

So data is just going to proliferate as we've never seen before in the next five years.