Mitzie O'Rourke, OnBase Technical Analyst, Hilliard Lyons, Inc.

OnBase makes document management easy for Hilliard Lyons. Learn how access to information has helped Hilliard Lyons reach new heights because of OnBase.

Video Transcript

Access and Convenience in the Cloud

We use the OnBase cloud services, and it has been a huge blessing for me personally because I am a one-man team. There's one person: I do admin, I do development, I support the users, I'm the champion. Well, in the previous system that they had before going to OnBase, they had to know precisely where it was located to find something. And so now that they're in OnBase, they can do searches on any kind of information. So they can find it in the name or account number or whatever, they can use custom queries to pull up multiple reports.

They have a lot of reports that they have to check every single day. I check the same 10 reports every day. So instead of going and gathering these 10  pieces of paper and doing what they do, scribble on it, whatever, they just do the custom query. They hit one click, we default the dates for them, and they're done with it. So the time that they saved and the frequency and availability of all the information is just like, astronomical, compared to what it was before.