Liverpool Heart and Chest OnBase Story

Removing paper from processes clears the way for the real work to be done. Hear how OnBase helped Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital change the way it works.

Video Transcription

My name is Dr. Johan Waktare, I’m a consultant, cardiologist and curriculum physiologist at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. I’m also the Trust's clinical lead for ePR and IT as well as being what's called the trust cultural guardian which means I have a role in maintaining patient confidentiality.

OnBase has been part of our implementation at our heart and chest hospital and its core raison d'etre for us was really to provide us a way of managing the back file scanning of our historic patient records as well as serving our requirements for limited ongoing scanning of new inbound paper.

I think it's allowed us to become a virtually paper free organization, just simply having no paper notes is great; no more lost notes, having everything at your fingertips wherever you are, being able to review stuff in your office when somebody phoned you from the ward.

It’s simply completely changed the way that we work.