Jennings Carpenter, CIO, Mennonite Mutual

Employees out in the field shouldn’t be left in the dark. Discover how OnBase allows workers at Mennonite Mutual access the information they need while out in the field to speed processes and eliminate unnecessary travel time.

Video Transcript

Flexibility and Accessibility for Mobile Workers

OnBase has really helped us with our efficiencies. With not only our internal staff, but with our independent agency network, and the ability to integrate with our systems and really get the information in front of them. That gives them the flexibility and the desire to work in those workflows in a more efficient manner and get the information on a timely basis.

What OnBase has given us the ability to do, as far as our mobile users are concerned, is to look like a much bigger company than we actually are because we are able to give them the service and meet the needs that they have in the field that other companies, other carriers that they work with simply aren't able to provide. And the reason we have been able to do that is because of our ability to integrate our software with the OnBase product and give them access to information that really matters when they're out there meeting with the clients.