Farm Bureau Insurance

See how Farm Bureau improved customer service and achieved ROI in 9 short months with an OnBase solution from ImageSoft.

Video Transcript

Boosting Efficiency with One Integrated System

Mary Schmidt, Business Analyst & Quality Assurance Manager, Michigan Farm Bureau: OnBase has definitely changed the way our users are working tremendously. We live in a world now where there's no paper. When we integrated OnBase with our line of business applications, it brings tremendous value to our users. We are able to bring them a consistent point of service and point of sale, so that they don't have to go to multiple systems.

We have a different policy admin system for almost all of our lines of business -- policy, billing claims -- we have separate systems for those. So, using OnBase as a central point of integration has reduced the amount of time we spend flipping back and forth between various systems.

Hyland: Like many ECM systems, OnBase offers the ability to retrieve documents directly from the screens within other applications. This practically eliminates search time for the end user. However, OnBase takes the concept of integrations to the next level by offering a real-time data exchange with your core systems.

When information changes in one system, it's instantly updated everywhere it needs to be with no delays. This is also a guaranteed exchange of data ensuring that the data is accurate even if there's a network or server issue, and this works with almost any application.

Mary Schmidt: We have a Citrix-based claims application that we integrated OnBase with, so we've improved our experience there. It was a two-way integration, so they talked to each other back and forth and we're able to focus the users into OnBase versus going back and forth between both systems.

Glenn Gibson, Product Marketing Manager, Hyland: When your important data and information is scattered in so many different systems, it can quickly go out of sync. And when it does, it makes it really difficult to trust the data and to have confidence in the decisions which are being made.

That's what OnBase does. It makes sure that the right information is in the right systems for the right people. So it's not really a matter of “should I look for a system that can offer a real time guaranteed data exchange?” It's more of a matter of “you cannot afford not to.”