Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

Discover how OnBase connects all of Affinify Plus Federal Credit Union’s branches for greater efficiency, so they can focus on what really matters – member satisfaction.

Video Transcription:

We implemented it to start scanning and getting away from our paper - go all digital. We have 14 branches throughout the state of Minnesota. And it was hard for us to bring back documents from the branches back to our corporate office for them to file and for people to have access to those documents when they needed it.

If they're gone for a week, or out of the office, at a convention or other meetings outside of the state, they don't have access and for them to be able to just carry their iPad with them and to be able to approve anything. Then, for our members, we really go above and beyond by doing the unexpected for them, so if they can't get to one of our branches, we can go in and we can take the mobile app with us, we can take it to their home and we can have them sign up on all of their documents, complete their loan application via the mobile application.

We purchased the mobile application, so we could utilize it for our executives and directors to be able to approve invoices, contracts, leases outside of our corporate level. When they are out of the office for them to be able to just sign off and approve at any point in time and, also, to use it for our members’ benefit. To be able to use it for opening new memberships, for opening new loans, closing on mortgages, also, for the security aspect of carrying documents. They don't have to carry a document. We currently do go to homes and they don't have to carry a document and that security of being able to have the document locked into a password-protected electronic device is much more secure than if we were just carrying around a blank piece of paper that has been signed by a member.