Sam Babic, Hyland

Work doesn’t happen only within the four walls of your organization. Discover how OnBase grants your staff access to the information they need no matter where they are -- whether on the road or out of the office.

Video Transcription

Sam Babic, Associate Vide President, Development, Hyland:

OnBase Solutions bring your work to you directly when and where you need it. Allowing you to extend business processes outside your organizational walls. Whether you're an executive approving purchase orders, a manager approving medication requests, or a homecare nurse or social worker, OnBase empowers decisions.

One of the key evolutions I believe in the OnBase philosophy is offline capabilities in mobile. This goes well beyond your typical file sync and share that you'll hear with such things as Dropbox, but it extends it to casework, filling out forms, capturing signatures, taking photos. A lot more complex processes offline than you would imagine.

You can't have a nurse driving 20 miles to go visit a patient in a rural area and find that she can't do her job. Likewise, you can't have an insurance agent or an insurance claims person going to the site of an accident and not being able to take down critical information. Even worse, in the case of a natural disaster, a lot of global infrastructure may be down and you might want to process claims, but without the Infrastructure, you can’t. So that's why the offline capabilities are important and that's why OnBase is there when you need it.

OnBase mobile solutions have transformed the way many industries have worked. Insurance companies are using our mobile solutions today to do open enrollment for Medicare Medicaid. Service technicians that are servicing medical devices are regulated by the FDA, they're required to have the most up-to-date documentation with them and OnBase helps them do that. Higher education uses OnBase to review and annotate applicants on-the-go. These are real problems OnBase mobile solutions solve.