Nucor Steel Mill Group

Retaining information is a critical business process, especially when your products last for over a century. Learn how OnBase centralized the retention of all of Nucor Steel’s vital customer information

Video Transcription

Wendy Simpson, Support Services Analyst, Nucor Steel Mill Group

Originally, we purchased OnBase as an entire package to go along with the ERP system that we purchased. We did that in hopes of centralizing some IT processes. We’ve been slowly bringing every division into the ERP process and we finished that last spring.

The thing that's been great about OnBase is that it's allowed us to centralize where they're storing all of their documents. And they're no longer having to store paper copies. We are a steel industry, obviously, so a lot of what we store goes into products that last for hundreds of years, so it's essential for us to be able to retain documentation for that.

Mostly I’ve been working with AP for the last couple of years. Sales has been doing a few things. They are starting to put their customer purchase orders in. That has been fantastic. It has allowed their outside sales reps to have better customer service since they can easily access the documentation and provide that level of customer service that our customers are starting to expect.

It's been a great tool for us to look at it and say, “Are we doing things that we really just don't need to be doing?”