PEMCO Insurance

Faster access to information drives quicker business processes. Learn how OnBase enabled PEMCO Insurance to create faster claims processes.

Video Transcription

Marcus Christian, Technology Analyst, ECM, PEMCO Insurance

So the first challenge we had was claims processing. The claims adjusters would have numerous green files scattered all over their desks where it was difficult to find information. Part of the challenge that we needed to overcome is the ability to give everybody the ability to find these files find the documents for the file as well as to make sure the file was complete to process the claim properly.

The first initiative that we took off with after the implementation of the system was to create a workflow process and folder process that allowed everybody to find those plain files the same they would find in a folder, but with indexes that allow them to search for specific content inside the file. It has changed our business strategy and allowed us to conduct business a lot more fluid, we are now able to:

  • Address the claims a lot more rapidly
  • Pay the bills more efficiently
  • Track what bills have gone unpaid for a certain period of time

This has helped us overcome compliance challenges.

A lot of IT people see the change management assistance from the OnBase product as a catalyst to be able to create IT helpdesk applications, back end reporting and business interactive/business intelligence applications to be able to support change management as a whole, not just with the document system.

If I had one word to describe OnBase, it would be “tremendous.”