Process Control with OnBase

Transparency into your organization’s process is crucial for smooth business. Learn how OnBase supplies you with a complete look into every step of your processes to target and eliminate bottlenecks and keep things running efficiently.

Video Transcription

Kevin Corbett, Solution Expert, Hyland:

When we were working with customers what we found is that those that were trying to implement a checklist methodology were struggling because they were using spreadsheets and word processor files. In order to implement their checklists, Abbie's checklist for process control was designed to be a tool to allow people to effectively implement a checklist methodology and essentially, it's an easy-to-use application, so that people that own the process can design what those checklists need to be.

Without having to go through their IT department or even their OnBase administrator, they can get into the system design what the checklist is actually supposed to do and decide who's going to be responsible for completing the checklist as well as who's responsible for having oversight over that particular checklist.

What we built inside of the solution is the ability not only to see all of the different checklists and other objects that are in the system, but what we can do is we can summarize that information, so that a process owner or a manager can instantly see how well that process is going.

OnBase's checklists can help a quality initiative quite a bit in that all of the feedback that a user puts into the checklist is immediately surfaced so that those people that have ownership of that process can see what the concerns are and they can take action on that feedback.