Richard Anter, Hyland

The demands and requirements placed on organizations by industries and markets change every day. Learn how OnBase provides the scalability and flexibility to grow with your needs.

Video Transcription

OnBase’s enterprise scalability has been considered from the very first days that it was conceived to be able to start in one department, where there might be five or 10 users that are just using it for a very specific purpose, to be able to grow that out to other departments and then out to other business units. Now those business units might be geographically dispersed, OnBase will continue to grow.

OnBase has really transformed the way that our customers do business

For example, I work with an insurance customer in the Middle East. They work on motor claims. Before OnBase, they did everything on paper. Now what they do is they show up on site with a mobile device, a tablet or smartphone, they take a picture of the accident, they input a little bit of data and immediately submit the form. It goes directly to one of their claims adjusters and their headquarters. When they started they just wanted to do this right around the home office.

They've since expanded into some of their satellite offices around the city and they are even considering expanding now across the country where they do business. They’re one of the largest claims adjusters in the country. As their business has continued to grow, and they've continued to provide better service to their customers over the years because of OnBase, now they're taking their business to a whole other level.