Bill Filion, Hyland

No two organizations are the same. Discover how OnBase allows you to deploy solutions at your pace and expand as new needs pop up – ensuring you get what you need, when you need it.

Video Transcription

Bill Filion, Vice President of Development, Hyland

OnBase is a great enterprise platform. We're capable of entering your company in the department where you're going to be automating maybe one set of business processes, but we can easily go to every other department. One of the great aspects of OnBase is that as soon as you create the document types and start beginning to build your workflow processes, you can expand them and extend them very easily.

OnBase doesn't require you to recreate everything from scratch when you go to the next department. So for a customer to be able to really maximize the return on investment for going with OnBase - very simple and very straightforward to extend into all the departments that your enterprise has.