Simeon A. Schwartz, M.D, Chairman & CEO, WESTMED Medical Group

Innovation is critical for continued improvement in patient care. Discover how OnBase has enabled WESTMED Medical Group to push the boundaries of technology in clinical practice to put patients at the center of its “Paradigm of Care.”

Video Transcript

WESTMED Medical Group: Delivering Value through Innovation

Just imagine if you were going to take off on a plane, and the pilot did not have a checklist of the details necessary for takeoff. Just imagine that only one in 10,000 times the pilot forgets to put down the flaps and the plane crashes. What kind of society would accept a plane crash once a day in the United States?

The same problem exists in medicine. We need to have checklists. We need to have analytics. We need to have process control to make sure that we're minimizing errors, and we're making sure that the optimal pathway of care for the patient has taken place. In order to do that, we need to innovate with new technological solutions that are important for the patient and for our delivery of care.

WESTMED is an innovative company. We are trying to push the boundaries of technology, the clinical practice, to really improve the care of the patient and put the patient in the center of our paradigm of care. Hyland has been a terrific partner in developing those solutions, in bringing information to our patients, to our doctors in a timely manner but most importantly in a workflow that improves the process of care that we are delivering. We've seen dramatic benefits since we have put in place our process control solution.