Bolloré Transport & Logistics

Hear how Bolloré Transport & Logistics optimizes its internal and external document flows with the help of OnBase.

Video Transcript

We looked to OnBase starting in February 2012, when we were thinking about optimizing our internal and external document flows. Our thoughts were around freight forwarding sets of documents, with the goal of reducing the time it took to manage those documents, increase search efficiency and reduce copies.


Today, we've got four different types of projects. One for freight forwarding, obviously. The second one around workflow for shipping. The third one for workflow, again for IT supplier invoices. And the fourth one, the most interesting, around tracking of customer invoicing.


Now, the objective is to build a common solution that would be deployed across over 46 countries in Africa.


We have chosen OnBase for four different reasons. One is architecture; we wanted a solution to be compatible with the African specificities. The second one, ECM functionalities, obviously, with the editor we wanted to find as a partner. Third one: integrator; we wanted a reliable integrator that would be able to understand our challenges and businesses. And obviously the fourth one: a cost-effective contract.


The ROI expected is a reduction in the number of document copies made by 25 percent, securing our DSL, and finding documents in minutes instead of hours. I found that OnBase is a sufficiently good solution and I have already recommended it to a new customer.