Supporting compliance and growth at Timken with Hyland Imaging Services

Timken stays compliant and handles growth by using Hyland Imaging Services to scan and index all of its documents for more than 20 years.

Video Transcription

I’m Julie Stage and I'm the Section Manager over document and office services for the Timken Company in Canton, Ohio. And we have regional plants and offices throughout North America, but we're also located in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

The Timken Company has been a customer of Hyland OnBase for the past 20 years and approximately at that same time we also adopted Hyland’s scanning services as our preferred scanning vendor. We utilize them from many different avenues. We use the financial side for all of our accounting, for accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, our human resources department, our credit department; our department alone for document retention. We put everything in there so that we can keep the company compliant.

Scanning & Indexing 4 Million Documents Per Year

Timken has grown and it's also separated into two separate companies and in that process, because we had so many of our documents electronic, it was easier for us to separate the companies because we had them set into two pools of information. By having Hyland do our scanning and our indexing, we are probably saving dozens of FTE expenses.

We send them approximately 250 to 300 thousand pages of documents per month which averages around 4 million documents per year. Those are considered to be mission critical documents. And those documents are for our accounts receivable and accounts payable area. By having those documents available to them by 8:00 a.m. the next morning, they're able to focus on our core business rather than trying to go through pages of paper or locating information elsewhere.

If we are not logistically able to get the images scanned through Hyland, they will at least be doing the index for us. In fact, we have one plant in South Carolina that actually ships their documents directly to HSS and HSS scans them and then returns them back to us. And for compliance we have to store them in a hard copy environment.

I'm down to two people where we are the document department. Everybody comes through us to get their documents scanned or stored somewhere because we are the document retention and compliance police. The value that Hyland scanning services brings to Timken has been enormous. We are able to do so much more and with so much so fewer people than what we could if we did not have it or utilize them.