Toyota Financial Services France

Service Quality is a key determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Hear how TFS launched the "zero paper strategy", set up OnBase, outsourced the storage of documents and digitized the customer contracts.

Video Transcript

Quality of Service, Toyota Financial Services France

Toyota: Service quality is a key determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty. This is a key part of Toyota’s core values. Toyota Financial Services has two types of customers -- Toyota dealers and our end customers.

François Martines, CEO: Customer first is in the DNA of Toyota and it's at the center of Toyota France. Financement, strategy, foundations, and core values. Since the first starting days, TFSF constantly seeks to improve our quality service level by supporting Toyota France and its dealers with a customer retention program and building clear differentiators against competitors. In order to achieve our strategic target, the TFSF team has engaged in numerous Kaizen projects for building, making, fostering specific quality service level tools, processes and KPIs with strong monitoring. Today, I am very pleased and honored to introduce our lightest quality service level tool implemented by my operation team. Now, let's discover it together.

Toyota: Our dealers offer Toyota financial services solutions to their customers. Toyota Financial Services manages financing contracts in association with our dealers from acceptance to payment, then for the duration of the contract. This means many documents are necessary.

David Schotkosky, Head of Operations: In 2006, the documents linked to our 40,000 contracts were stored within the premises of Toyota Financial Services. This has created some storage problem. We didn't have enough space and there were misfilings. With the growth of the business, the cost of document management increased. TF has launched the zero-paper strategy, set up OnBase, outsource the storage of the documents and digitize the customer contracts.

What are the main advantages of the solution?

Céline de Monplanet, Private Acquisition Supervisor: The removal of paper record management enabled us to realize very important productivity gains, thanks to direct access to client information --maintain the confidentiality of our clients’ identities, trace actions and monitor real-time activity, and make direct savings with a reduction in paper consumption.

What were the main steps of deployment?

Khalid El Bouazzaoui, Customer Relation Supervisor: The OnBase solution has been deployed gradually by service. The software includes now all documents received from dealers. To verify the documents, we have introduced dual monitors. In 2011, we insourced contract and mail scanning and integrated all customer requests in the same system. To respond promptly to customer requests, we have implemented the CRM tool to group requests. The instant quality indexes, inspired by quality metrics used in the Toyota vehicles assembly lines, allows us to know in real-time the volume of files to process, and act accordingly to ensure the highest level of quality.

How is it perceived by members?

Vivien de Ciantis, Business Acquisition Supervisor: Now the quality indexes instantly available on screens has been a real plus for the team. It enables them to keep an eye on the volume of files to be processed during the day and improve service quality.

What is the impact of Kaizen?

Sidi-Mohamed Laouedj, Quality Supervisor: A total of 33 Kaizen working groups from 2006 to 2011 on the operations departments accompanied the deployment of the IT project. They enabled process improvement, productivity gains and improvement of service quality. Over the period, the size of our contracts portfolio doubled while the workforce has remained constant. Meanwhile, the quality of service has improved.

Toyota: The definition of total quality is to eliminate all wasted time on non-value added or unnecessary tasks and reworks and then reinvest the time saved to satisfy our customers.

Quality of service for the dealer network

Stéphane Bof, Head of Wholesale Department: In June 2011, to demonstrate to dealers our commitment to the quality of service, we launched the TFSF quality charter. We make the commitment to meet dealer demands within four hours. In parallel, we set up the tools to monitor response times and we monitor in real-time on screens. Dealer satisfaction is closely linked to prompt management or their requests. Screens allow us to anticipate and to react through Kaizen spirit.

Service quality for end customers

Jean-Marc Guglieri, Head of Customer Relation: The electronic documentation and management of all customer requests in the same tool allow easier and faster request management. Live on-screen monitoring of service quality helps to optimize management, anticipate delays, and trigger alerts. The monthly monitoring of response times allows targeting of processes to be improved with Kaizen.

Projects 2012-2013

David Schotkosky, Head of Operations: At the moment, we have two projects under development. With the first project, we continue to automatize our system with an automatic reading of the faxes we received from the dealers. Our objective is to reduce the time spent on controlling the documents and invest this time in the customer relationship. With the second project, we want to offer our customer a more efficient contact tool. We develop and design a customer website, a new communication channel between TFS and its customer. It's an opportunity for the customer to load requests, on its account or its contract, and download the documents made available for them on the website.