The Journey to a Paperless Office

Hyland Software has spent more than 25 years learning how electronic document workflows affect business process efficiency, analytic capabilities and service to your customers, patients or students. It’s significant.

And we understand that while the benefits of having documents instantly available from the systems, the case files and the work processes they support are clear, the process of scanning and indexing itself can be a challenge.

We can help you with this.

Hyland’s Imaging Services helps customers of all sizes and markets quickly and compliantly convert physical records to electronic indexed files. Whether it is a one-time backlog conversion, an interim project until in-house staff and equipment are in place, recurrent projects for high-volume times of the year, or day-forward processing of time-sensitive business documents, you can trust this work to our experts.

It just makes sense.


As regulations become more numerous and complex, the rules and processes surrounding storing files become trickier and more time consuming to manage. But it doesn't have to be that way.

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From managing security, to finding the right document when you need it, to reporting and audit preparation—having your documents in OnBase simplifies and streamlines the process.

Using OnBase for document management has transformed the amount of time departments conforming to regulations have to spend on ensuring files are complete, compliant and accessible.

And we at Hyland, creator of OnBase understand the regulations and sensitivity surrounding your information, as well as the need to access a document when you need it. So even if your files are in the process of being scanned, just call us if you need one and we’ll deliver it to you promptly and securely.


The faster your electronic documents are available from your business systems and the staff who need them, the happier everyone is. From decision makers, to staff conducting transactions to those they serve—whose time is valuable and who appreciate prompt, appropriate service.

Here are some common industry documents and processes we support:

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• All Industries - HR documentation including onboarding, reviews, and off-boarding documents, operations documentation including blueprints, and financial documentation, including invoices and checks

• Finance - Loan applications, contracts and their supporting documents

• Insurance - New business, underwriting, and claims processing documentation

• Mortgage - Tax, title and finance forms

• Healthcare - Supporting documentation for EMRs, including both revenue cycle and clinical documentation

• Higher Education - Student records from admissions through matriculation and transcript management, as well as operations and accreditation documents

• Manufacturing - Invoices and shipping documents including bills of lading and PODs

• Government - Finance and administration, justice and public safety, housing and human services, and planning and public works documents, including large size blueprints


Having files in OnBase enables teams to instantly pull up the exact documents and signed policies needed. So when urgent requests come in, you can find and print or email the document, right from your desk in a matter of seconds, instead of hours or days.



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There are many options your department can take advantage of immediately once documents are in OnBase, from automating the creation of folders and their required documents, to document retention and notifications, to security keywords that meet your privacy requirements. And from there it only gets better.

Engage our Imaging Services teams to understand how to leverage the technology investments you’ve already made.

Access documents from your existing system or the OnBase Cloud

Who is Imaging Services?

Imaging Services is a dedicated group of professionals within Hyland, creator of OnBase. Our steadfast approach to meeting your exact needs—and adding indexing value to documents we convert from paper, film or fiche—is built upon years of experience.

We take the time, up front, to understand your real needs, so that your digital conversions align with your processes and timelines. Our commitment to project management, imaging, and indexing means that you never have to wonder or worry about project status, hidden costs or the quality of the finished product.




Electronic output to dozens of formats

How it Works


We begin by asking important questions that inform our ability to deliver an accurate quote. This often includes running a sample test on your media. This allows us to review a sample finished product with you to ensure your needs will be met.

You ship the documents to us, or we can arrange for secure shipping.

Once the documents are delivered to our facility, we inventory, label and bar code everything to maintain accuracy and accountability.

Next, the documents are scanned, indexed and sent to Quality Control. This will verify quality of imagery and accuracy of keyword data.

When Quality Control is complete, we can deliver images to you via secure FTP or make available for immediate ingestion into OnBase. A unique instance of the OnBase Cloud is also an available method for managing your documents.

Once the scanning project is complete, we can either store the documents, destroy them per your authorization or ship them back to you for storage or disposal.


how it works

Keep operating costs low and predictable

Why Use Hyland?

When you engage Hyland for your document conversion needs, you are also partnering with a leader in enterprise content management as recognized by Gartner. In addition to our scanning expertise, we understand the business processes surrounding ECM conversion projects—as well as document management—better than most.

We also understand the peripherals, including timely, accurate cost estimates, timelines and the indexing strategies that provide instant added value to your organization.

From on-demand scanning to media storage that meets the highest standards for security, industry compliance and disaster recovery requirements, we work with you to meet your current and ongoing conversion needs.

customer service

Customer Service

Our aim is to be the best organization in the world with whom to partner. And that starts with award-winning customer service, from the drivers who pick up your documents to the representative who answers the phone when you have a requirement or question.

our personnel

Our People

Our teams want you to succeed. 20+ years of experience in imaging & indexing, records management and project management builds the foundation for success. Our commitment to you—and understanding exactly what you need and when—makes it happen.

open communication

Open Communication

The success of both your project and our organization hinges on frequent, accurate, straightforward communications. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring all your needs are met in a timely fashion with open, honest communications.

Trust the document conversion experts


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