4 benefits of RAD platforms

When it comes to application development, is your organization embracing innovation or falling victim to the status quo? If your application strategy is still limited to buying off-the-shelf solutions or custom programming new applications from scratch, you’re not alone. Many organizations are still stuck in a build-versus-buy mentality.

But the organizations that think differently about creating business applications – aka the early adopters of low-code, rapid application development (RAD) platforms – are reaping the benefits.

The benefits of RAD platforms

  • Tackling IT sprawl head-on: Cut down on the number of disconnected systems your organization relies on daily by creating applications on a single, central platform
  • Accelerating solution rollout: Roll out applications faster for quicker solutions to your organization’s critical business needs
  • Keeping up with the changing needs of your internal and external customers: A low-code rapid application development platform provides point-and-click configurability, making it easier to change and expand solutions
  • Creating stronger connections between your content and data: By configuring applications on one platform, organizations minimize information siloes and create an integration hub to fill the gaps within the IT environment

RAD platforms also make it easier to create content driven applications with intuitive user interfaces. With an increasing demand for embedded content in customer-facing, collaboration and customer service applications, this requirement will only become more important in the years to come.

Is your organization ready to think beyond build versus buy and adopt a RADical third option? To learn more about the benefits of embracing a RAD solution, download Forrester study, “To Be Brilliant In The Moment, Think Beyond Buy Versus Build.”