Rapid application tools help minimize IT sprawl

When your organization relies on a portfolio of separate products to overcome process challenges, you create a nightmare for your employees. Supporting those dozens, or even hundreds, of applications leads to challenges such as:

  • Difficulty finding necessary information because of numerous siloed content repositories
  • Increased burden on IT staff thanks to multiple applications with different upgrade cycles
  • Multiple points of integration that often require expensive custom code

OnBase by Hyland helps you overcome these challenges by providing you with rapid application development (RAD) tools that enable you to quickly develop applications in house, without the high cost and challenges that come with purchasing multiple disconnected products.

By deploying an OnBase RAD platform at your organization, you create a number of efficiencies, including:

  • Providing one platform to build an unlimited number of connected, content-enabled applications
  • Centralizing the location of all content and information so it is easy to find
  •  A single point of integration without the need for custom coding

By using OnBase as part of your overall IT strategy, you simplify your IT environment and drastically reduce the number of information silos and disparate applications you support. Point-and-click configurability enables you to rapidly respond to the needs of your business by deploying an unlimited number of content-enabled applications across your organization.

To learn more about the benefits of deploying a RAD system and the challenges they help you overcome, download Forrester Research’s whitepaper, To Be Brilliant In The Moment, Think Beyond Buy Versus Build.